Crisis Intervention Services are available 24 hours a day by calling, toll-free 1-800-621-8504(903-472-7242)
Behavioral Health & IDD Centralized Intake 1-800-669-4166
Outreach, Screening, Assessment, and Referral (OSAR) for Substance Abuse Treatment 1-800-588-8728 or 940-224-6200 Wichita Falls and surrounding counties

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Crisis Services Plan

Side-by-Side Comparison

During the months of September and October, 2007, stakeholder groups (Jail Diversion, Planning Network Advisory Committee, and Focus Group) attended meetings and reviewed the proposed enhancements to our Crisis System to be funded through Crisis Re-Design dollars appropriated through the 80th Texas Legislature. 

The following table provides a comparison of our current crisis response system and the changes proposed for Fiscal Years 2008-2009. 

We would also appreciate any comments you might have regarding the proposed changes. You may communicate those to us by posting your comments at this link

You may also view the Crisis Services Report in its entirety here. 

Existing Services



  • Crisis Director (24hr Administrative Supervision and serves as on call backup)
  • 2 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) Crisis Day Clinicians (serves as on call backup)
  • 1 FTE Adult Continuity of Care (COC) [also serves as on call backup]
  • 1 Partial FTE Child/Adolescent COC
  • 1 FTE Support Staff
  • 38 Daytime caseworkers also serve on an on-call rotation after hours, divided by region.
  • 1 FTE Director of Nursing (24hr Administrative Supervision only)
  • 1 Psychiatrist is available to the RN by phone if indicated.

Enhanced Services *

* These services are in addition to services in left column


  • Add 2 FTE Crisis Follow-up and Relapse Prevention staff to Wichita/Archer/Clay service area.
  • Add 1 FTE Crisis Follow-up and Relapse Prevention staff to Wise/Montague/Jack/Young region
  • Add 1 FTE Crisis Follow-up and Relapse Prevention staff to Haskell service area.
  • Crisis Follow-up and Relapse Prevention personnel are also added to the on call rotation after hours increasing the rotation from 38 to 42 staff center wide.
  • Add 5 LPHA staff for after hour consultation 24/7
  • Add 4 RN staff for after hour consultation 24/7 (includes DON who also serves as 24hr Administrative Supervision)