24 hour Crisis Intervention Hotline:  1-800-621-8504 (or call 903-472-7242)
Behavioral Health / IDD / Substance Use Centralized Intake: 1-800-669-4166
OSAR for Substance Use: 1-800-588-8728 (or call 940-224-6200) Wichita Falls and surrounding counties

Who to Contact

Contact our Clients Rights Officer if:

  •  any of your client/patient rights have been violated.

Contact our HIPAA/Privacy Officer if:

  • there has been a breach of client private health information (unauthorized disclosure of health information) by HFC or HFC Associate.

Contact our Corporate Compliance Officer if:

  • a violation of the Helen Farabee Centers Business Code of Conduct;
  • suspected incident of waste, fraud, or abuse or any other questionable activity or practice.
Contact Connie Johnston
Connie Johnston
  • Report Abuse/Neglect/Exploitation (DFPS) – 800-647-7418
  • Complaint & Incident Intake IDD – 800-458-9858
  • Behavioral Health Ombudsman – 800-252-8154
  • Disability Rights Texas – 800-252-9108