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PACK - Pursuing Alternative Choices through Knowledge

The Helen Farabee PACK Mentoring Program is a collaborative effort between Wichita Falls ISD, Helen Farabee Centers and Midwestern State University.

High School students who drop out of school before graduation not only earn less income and have significantly higher unemployment rates than graduates, they are more likely to have health problems, become welfare dependent, use drugs or engage in other high-risk behaviors.

Mentor programs can provide these students with emotional support, encourage them to be more involved in their schooling and help as they transition from school to work. The impact of mentoring programs designed to encourage students to complete high school has been well documented. Mentors offer friendship, guidance and positive role models while instilling the social skills needed in the workplace.

The PACK Mentor Program is designed to link students who are attending Wichita Falls or Hirschi High Schools with selected mentors who are students enrolled in Midwestern State University. 

These will be one-on-one mentoring relationships conducted on the high school campus.  Mentoring sessions will ideally be held after school but there is also the opportunity to have sessions during one of the student’s elective classes.  Sessions will be held at least once a week.

For more information, please contact:

Brad Fisk, Program Administrator
(940) 397-3379